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How to start to work.

When we start to work with a spell, first we must know exactly what the objective is we wish to reach. In order to start we must be capable of syntonizing our feelings and desires in a single phrase, which must reflect our objective clearly and in a coherrent manner.


  This is a ritual to win a heart and make fall in love the ideal person of your dreams, it is very important to cast this spell with faith and concentration. This is a very powerful white magic ritual which will help you to win the heart and love of the chosen person.

You will need the following:

- One white candle

- Hairs of the beloved person

- Sugar

- Few drops of colone or perfume used by the person who casts the spell

- A new needle



With the needle you will need to write the name of the person you love in the candle. Ensure to clearly include the desire you wish to come true. In the bottom of a holder you need to deposit the sugar and on top of that you place a lit candle. Now you burn the hair of the person with the flame of the candle and you will say the following spell:

"You (name of the person which you wish to attract) will be happy with me, you will not be able to leave me, and if you are thinking about leaving, that idea will disappear from your mind like the smoke of these hairs. I am casting this spell because I love you dearly, never with any bad intention".

The spell must be repeated three times daily and the candle must be consumed entirely. This inca wizardry spell can be repeated various times in order to obtain with force the objective to approach.


Requited Love (candle magic)

Take a candle  of your favorite color  and write in it the name of the person you love, in all possible directions. 

Later you will apply honey, and while buring the candle you will ask for your love to be corresponded. Light the candle and hide it in a place where there is not a lot of air, so it will consume slowly. When the candle has consumed fully the person you love will be crazy for you. Help other people find love too. This will be your endowment.

Magical Objectives:

Every one of these objectives has a list to prepare your own mixes or to realize substitutes, by that is meant that if you don't encounter a certain element you can substitute for another from the list and you will acomplish the same effect. In order to see the lists you only need to click on the objective.

Romance, Love
Prosperity, Abundance, Money
Adivination of the future
Blessings and purification
Inducing prophetic dreams
Strengthening of spirituality
Magic Powers
Intensification of psychic concience
Physical protection, psychic and autodefence
Astral Proyection
Health, Healing


Rituals in which we ask to unlock the path to love, in order to help a person who doesn’t have a partner and who doesn’t long for a predetermined partner, must be performed from dawn to the first hour of the afternoon.

The best days to perform these type of rituals are Monday, Fridays and Sundays

Other days are not so convenient, although Saturday is not bad.

The most convenient moon phases are: Last Quarter and New Moon

The moon phase that is not so good is: Fourth quarter moon

The moon phase to avoid: New Moon

 To attract the Love of a Partner:

Light nine days in a row a pink candle and a a colored candle, this must be repeated after 10.30 in the evening and the name and last name of both lovers in the couple must be written in the candle with their date of birth included, imprinted in the candle from the bottom towards the top of the candle.

Roll the candles in sugar in such a way that the names written are covered with sweet.

Light the candles in a holder that has contained something sweet, for example a can of empty peaches.

Roll the candles in a small amount of natural bee honey.

Let the candles consume entirely.

The candle must always be placed on the remainders of the candles that have previously been burned.

When all time has been consumed, after nine days and two months, the can must be burried together with the spell inside under a tree that provides sweet fruits or under a plant that has flowers, the best is to chose a plant with permant flowers, such as the chinese rose,  impatiens walleriana hook, or the eternal bloom of azalea.

Love spells to attract a lover, Spells to attract the perfect couple,  ++ REMEMBER ++ Not a single spell or ritual will work without knowledge, conviccion, pasion and action. Without doubt, you can obtain access to our website to discover much more.

1/2 bottle of honey
1 big red candle
1 toothpick

At night when the full moon is shining,
locate the red candle on a plate,
Later, with the toothpick write the name of the boy you love
Rub the honey all over the candle
And wait until it melts saying every three minutes: Like this candle and honey our love will unite.


1 meter of red colored silk ribbon
1 foto of your profile
1 red cord or lace made of silk
1 picture of the person you wish to enchant
6 red roses
a fragrance of your liking
1 big cristal bottle


This spell can be cast up to three Fridays in a row.
1-    Take the petals of the six roses and put them in the crystal bottle saying: Yes I wish to enchant you I will bind you and you will be mine forever when you hear this spell you will never forget.

2-    Put the fragrance in the bottle with the rose petals

3-    With the photo and the lace you will start to bind and tie saying: yes I want you… (repeat the spell you cast at the beginning)

4-    Take the photo and the rope amd start to bind your photo with the cord or lace together to the previous photo

5-    When you have finished doing so you will put it in the bottle

6-    Cap the bottle for seven days and at the eighth day you will open the bottle so the fragrance can escape.
NOTE:  At the ninth day the boy you put under a spell will be madly in love with you.


Wetten a cotton bud in wine vinegar and write with the same, on a blank piece of paper, the name of the person you wish to seduce. Light a red candle and spill five drops of wax on the paper.

Save this in your underwear until your lover comes to you.  





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