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To find the perfect couple:

* be friendly

* learn how to flirt

* have an open mind

* expand your network of friends

* accept blind dates

* keep a diary to help keep you focused

* be nice

* be honest and enigmatic

* go to the gym

* transform a potential twin soul in a permanent one

* listen to your inner voice

* devellop positive relationships

You can either find a perfect partner for love or friendship, in either case the relationship will reflect happiness and trust. There will be mutual attachment and bonding; a special link that lasts forever. 


+ actively listen to your twin soul

+ express gratitute towards the ones you love

+ forgive small errors and be patient

+ once you find someone you love, focus on building a solid relationship


Spells, potions and anecdotes from the magical world of our ancestors
There are magic secrets that allow you to attract luck in love and to win your partners heart. Some of these require a series of products and ceremonies that must be performed and realized at midnight, with prayers and invocations to the saints of your preference.

A magical preparation to win the love of a person that has proven to be a rebel and is not willing to fall for you, is prepared with male garlic paste and leafs of the spring plant, soapwort leafs and scents of gardenias. Everything is mixed together, and soaked for a few days. The day that you are dating your crush you will need to apply the perfume behind your ears and on the hands with which you will touch and caress your partner. And at the time your date will take place you will repeat mentally:

"You have to be mine"
for three times, with a lot
of persuation and security

This preparation is made as a potion, but the one that is most effective and provides best results, is the one that is made with creeping herbs, from palms, of fortune, justice, and goodwill, from silver, gold, of little lola and with the cuya plant. A dash of pusanga may be added to stimulate interest and pleasure, while enforcing feelings of intense affection.

Remember, it is good to play around, but the magical scent should never be applied to the erogenous zones of the body as this could provoke adverse effects. When properly used it is intended to stimulate comradeship, closeness and deep romantic or sexual attachment. When using this product you will find that your sweetheart adores you more than anyone else, that he or she thinks the world of you, and that an increased devotion materializes for you as a person, partner and lover.

Tricks to Gain an Admirer

If you ask yourself daily how you can gain the love of a suiter keep reading the following recomendations.

If you wish to seduce a man than white magic can get you far, but there are other ways to add passion to your relationship. For example, red magic and double dating. Remember, always take into consideration that you should give the best of you, smile and take care of personal hygiene. This includes make-up, perfume, hair and clothing. A mini skirt can sometimes do the trick, but be careful not to make your lover jealous.

One of the secrets is to show a man what he wants to see, but do not give yourself away too easily. You can make a powerful amulet by putting a handful of almonds in a white flanel bag. As long as the almonds remain in the bag, an increase in desire and sensibility will be observed.

Make him fall in love with you by covering yourself in a mysterious air:

- Don't inmediately reveal every detail about your life. I will provide you with a small list with things you should dominate to add fire to the art of mystery.

* Wear an amulet or talisman for luck in love (never use pomba gira or other impure godesses)

* Learn what causes curiousity in your partner  (this is one of the most important secrets to win his heart)

* Your potential partner is not the only man in the world, so don't treat him that way.

Ways to Drive him Crazy

* Cast insinuating smiles and use neat make-up

* Use suggestive language and move close to him while talking

The information on this page contains the secrets to make a person very interested and enthusiastic about the essence of your being. You will be able to convert him into a devotee of your presence, an admirer of your love.

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