To Find the Perfect Couple

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To find the perfect couple:

* enjoy being a bachelor

* devellop desired traits in your personality

* be friendly

* learn how to flirt

* have an open mind

* expand your network of friends

* accept blind dates

* keep a diary to help keep you focused

* be nice

* be honest and enigmatic

* go to the gym

* transform a potential twin soul in a permanent one

* listen to your inner voice

* devellop positive relationships

You can either find a perfect partner for love or friendship, in either case the relationship will reflect happiness and trust. There will be mutual attachment and bonding; a special link that lasts forever. 


+ actively listen to your twin soul

+ express gratitute towards the ones you love

+ forgive small errors and be patient

+ once you find someone you love, focus on building a solid relationship

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spells, potions and anecdotes from the magical world of our ancestors

If you have not yet found your perfect couple or twin soul, cast this spell for three nights in a row, before you go to bed, and visualize a pink light that surrounds your body until you fall asleep.

When waking up in the morning, take a shower and pour over your body, from the shoulders downwards without splashing on the head or the face, an infusion prepared with water, skin of apple, and a spoon full of honey.

The fourth night before going to sleep, burn incense in the room, and visualize yourself fully encovered in a halo of warmth and white of color. Later, repeat this spell:

“Lord, I know that I want to love,
and that there is someone
who will give me his heart.
I wish for him to come to me
as soon as possible”

Continue by imagining that this person enters in your room, talks to you, and shows affection and also enters in a halo of intense light. Visualize a warm goodbye with a special tender care when distance is taken. Finalize this ritual by saying:

“Love will be here soon this is my wish and how I want it to be”

Repeat this visualization four times, until a total of seven nightly rituals has been achieved. If time has passed without the desired results, repeat this ritual with more faith and more love than before.

Holy Fire to Maintain a Love

In order to maintain the holy fire that keeps you united with your couple lit forever, buy a plant that does not flower and which leafes grow throughout all stations of the year; the purchase should be made on a thursday. Select a pot made of clay with a wide mouth, and paint it green, write on a piece of paper your name and the name of your partner in the shape of a cross and place it on the bottom of the pot.

Use three mountain cristals to form a triangle over the paper with your names, then place the new plant in the pot while repeating : 

Alike our union of love
the energy of the sun and the water
that feed it will also feed
our physicial and spiritual union

Do not forget to water it daily, after having it settled in water for an entire night in a cup made of cristal. This spell will increase closeness, affinity and understanding in your relationship. When following the instructions as provided it will provide for an extra layer of harmony and it will prosper like the trees in the camp.

sweet connections

Legend has it that a Twin Soul, or the perfect partner, is attracted by the vibration of your being, and that the process of union can be excelled through means of meditation, visualization and a wish which must be expressed daily in a ritual manner. 

When a twin soul gets near, you will experience a sense of wellbeing and eternal love, produced by same frequency vibes that can be felt in the center of the heart. 

Once you have found someone you love, try a double date. Double dating with another couple can help love and passion in your own relationship. For example, you could invite two close friends for dinner, and there can be an additional strong effect when you and your partner talk about intimacy with the other couple. Allow for your network of friends to convert you and your partner into true twin souls.

If you have sexual relationships, take time to cuddle and show affection afterwards. You will find that your relationships are more satisfying if you take the time for tender love and care, this will make your couple happy and your relationship complete. It will create a retroactive feeding cycle which permits for your relation to prosper and flower.

Always keep an eye on your objectives in life. It is true that two twin souls can help eachother in order to build structure and reach goals in life, regardless, it is important that one remains true to oneself when it comes to life and love.

Don't waste your valious time and emotional energy by getting involved in a relationship where there is continuous rupture and reconciliation. If this is your case you could invest your time in finding someone who is a better match for your person.

Last but not least, you should not become obsessed with finding a twin soul. Being desperate is not attractive and could cause you to choose the wrong partner. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to be too idealistic either. Don't confuse chemistry with destiny; while your body could tell you that you are dealing with a twin soul, reality could prove that it is simply an issue related to hormones, lust and  passion. Remember, your twin soul could be someone you have known for a long time but never considered romatically. Be patient and take your time before deciding whether or not that special someone you know is truly the "chosen one" or just a friend.

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