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cleopatra honey milk

Honey, sweet anguish

Legend has it that Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, entertained her lovers and awakened in them an erotic sense of desire pooring a fine paste of honey with crushed almonds on their private parts, which afterwards was enjoyed with great pleasure and satisfaction. The aphrodisiacs, substances that stimulate sexual apetite or facilitate intercourse, are present in every culture.

Honey, is a thick solution, sweet and oversaturated with sugar, produced by bees to feed their larves and is additionally intended to assure survival throughout the winter.

Thousands of flowers are being visited by bees in order to produce one single gram of honey, and its reputation as an aphrodisiac is grand: newly weds go on a "honeymoon", this word comes from the ancient custom of gifting pitchers full of honey in order to allow for the first acts of love to be crowned with success. 

Honey contains lots of vitamin B and C which stimulate the production of sexual hormones and it has an energetic value of 3.259 cal/Kg. It is comercialized in its original panels or centrifuged and sold as extracted honey. Furthermore the product is sold in form of honeycomb pieces emerged in liquid syrup. For thousand of years honey was the only sweetener known to mankind. The Royal Jelly which is a subproduct of honey is also known to be a general stimulant including for the genital area, which may delay a bit to take effect, but the effects are prolonged and assured... Going on a honeymoon was not a foolish expression at all. 

It is a food of high energetic value for its richness in vitamins and minerals. Its properties like conforting the passionates have been wellknown among the most advantageous since antiquity. The effect is most potent when the product is pure, since heating to make it more liquid and soft can harm some of the aphrodisiac properties.

Certainly witches, love potions, spells do not seem issues of our time but of the past. Yet important American newspapers headlined:

"Fortune Teller helps Horoscope visitors cast a true love spell" or "Reincarnation: New York Psychic remembers life in ancient Egypt"

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honey provides protection for our couple (moon)

1001 spells, potions and anecdotes from the magical world of our ancestors

Honey is considered to be an indispensable ingredient in recipes and rituals intended to attract love, it is used by witches to increase "attraction power" and to create a foundation for happy and longlasting unions. They say that it stimulates beauty and personal magnetism, and that it makes us more seductive and irresistable.

The honey of love is a magical preparation and part of a wiccan spell. One will need to add two decisive ingredients to the bee honey: Poppy pods and Saffron (which is associated with Venus, Eos and Aphrodite). The power of the applied plant and herb in love spells can take you to success or failure.

Both poppy pods and saffron are considered to be sacred ingredients that stimulate love and desire, they are used for "calling", and they irradiate vibrations in every direction in search of love. When they are used in rituals they will attract a person with identic mood and expectations, with an interest in your personality.

From that point on everything will start to happen on an unconscious level. When used for magical purposes people tend to pay more attention to those who use it, new friendships are attracted and there will be new posibilities for the discovery of love.

Preparation of the Spell

• Black pencil

• Aluminum Foil

• White Paper

• Glass container

• 5 soup spoons of honey

• 1 handfull of poppy seeds

• 1 snuff of saffron

Write with a black pencil, three times on a paper, the name of the person which you want to fall in love with you. Put this on top of the aluminium foil y spread on top the necesary amount of bee honey. Add the poppy seeds and a snuff of saffron. Wrap this together while saying:

It is not this paper which I wish to enchant, but (name of the person you love)
with whom I wish to be united forever.
May this honey serve to achieve my happyness.

Deposit the wrapper in the glass container and keep it for the next three weeks in a space to which nobody has access. After this time, bury the wrapper in the yard or in a pot. This enchantment spell can only be repeated three times, leaving a space of thirty days between each of the rituals.

hexogonal prismatic wax cells covered with nectar of honeybees to attract a lover

Rich in vitamins and aminoacids, honey is a powerful antimicrobial agent that is used to combat flu during the coldest times of the year. Furthermore, it is strong remedy against aging because it contains antioxidants that stop the free radicals from being created. A cup of milk or a hot infusion with a spoon of honey will be a good remedy to combat a cold.

Honey is a product that has been used since dawn of humanity. As a matter of fact, the painting in the Spider Caves in Bicorp county (Valence) was created almost 10.000 years ago and shows a man collecting honey from a beehive. This demonstrates that even the first habitants of earth had already discovered the benefits of this sweet nectar of flowers. 

Having its origin in the sugary secretions of plants (flower nectar), with a quality of being sweet, and being elaborated by various insects including honeybees,  honey is rich in vitamins like B6, niacin, riboflavin, and l-ascorbic acid. It furthermore contains esencial minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potessium, zinc and sodium.

It's nutritional properties make this fluid a powerful weapon against flu, throat ache, and certain skin disease. Honey furthermore helps to repair and regenerate tissues and protects against heart disease. As a matter of fact, recent scientific studies demonstrate that pure honey contains an effective antimicrobial agent, which is very effective in the treatment of minor burns, superficial wounds and as complementary treatment against throat aches and other bacterial diseases.

The elevated amount of sugar, limits the quantity of water that would allow microrganisms to develop, and its acidity and spare Ph value, as its poor protein content that deprives nitrogyn needed for bacteria to grow, make that honey provides a strong barrier against infections.

Consequently, and thanks to the antioxidants, honey is an excelent elixer that stops free radicals from forming in the body, which keeps us from aging and from suffering certain ailments.

Throughout History

In the beginning it was much appreciated for its sweet flavor. Regardles, soon it was discovered that terapeutic properties could be attributed. In antigue Rome, doctors used it to help their patients to get to sleep.

Cosme and Damien, two famous cristian brothers famous for offering medical services to those in need, hailed its therapeutic values, as did Hipocratis, father of medicine, who used it to cure a broad range of skin infections, ulcers and to relieve pain in general. In ancient Egypt it was used to treat burns, cuts, rashes and irritation.

In the twentieth century, during the first world war, German doctors used a mix of honey and cod liver to treat the bandages with which the wounds of the soldiers were treated.

Ambrosia and Nectar of the Gods

The history of drinks prepared can be found in mead production, which a popular alcoholic beverage, created by fermenting a mixture of honey and water, sometimes combined with fruits or spices. This was in fact the first alcoholic drink known to mankind. It has been used as a ritual drink, with effects reported to be similar to those of soma and ayahuasca. In many cultures it is common belief that it produced a state of extasis very similar to the intoxication of alcoholic drinks known today. From this point on this alcoholic beverage is considered to be a divine nectar.

elf sucking flower nectar honey as an aphrodisiac

Royal Jelly

During a time in their lives, a white liquid substance also known as honey bee secretion, is secreted from the salivary glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees. In contact with air this becomes a thick paste, this substance is known as royal jelly. The flavor is rough and acid; it is a substance consumed by the queen bee over the course of its entire life, and responsible for its ability to produce over 2000 fertilized eggs a day. This demonstrates the rich nutritional value of this special substance. It contains over 10% of proteins, a large share of them presented in the form of aminoacids; 8% sugars and being rich in vitamin B, bioelementsand minerals; being composed of aproximately 65% of water and posessing antibiotic properties.

Among its therapeutic properties we find a high eficiency against anorexy, asthenia, premature aging problems, some skin disease and narrowed arteries due due artherosclerotic plaque buildup.

What is it?

It is a substance produced by bees from the nectar of flowers that is being collected. The nectar is dehydrated in order to prevent fermentation and enzymes are added.  There are also honeys such as oak honey, which is not derived from flower nectar, but rather the sweet secretion of certain plants. The bees deposit this in the cells of the honeycomb which are then sealed for storage. The honey and the pollen provide for the daily alimentation of the entire colony.

What are its properties?

* ideal food for students, kids, athletes, elderly people

* Hipotension and hypertension problems, cardiac problems, reuma, arthritis, insomnia, constipation, heartburn, digestion problems

* Decongestion of luns, bronchial tree, bronchi and clearing of the throat

* cold sores, swollen lips, redness and dryness of mouth (oral rinse)

* It's richness in potassium allows for the elimination of microorganisms that may cause illness. It is an effective bactericide that prevents the development of breeding stock, the reasing being that it was used since ancient times as food conservative, and as a taste enhancer in cooked food.

* Cosmetic use for its antiinflamatory and softening properties

* The inflamation of hemorroides (external use)

* Being an alkaline food it does not cause assimilation problems in people with digestive disfunction, being a big help with the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers in the stomach 

* Acts as an eficiant desinfectant and promotes healing of wounds

* Its composition being mostly sugar make it an energetic product that allows inmediate muscular alimentation, therefore being not only useful to athletes, but also to people suffering from a muscular deficiency, including muscular dystrophy and myocardium, making it an idea product for elderly people with heart problems and convalescence

beeswax honeycomb candles used in love rituals

Nutritional Information

* It is made out of aprox 20% water

* About 80% of carbohydrates originate from its sugars: 7% maltose, 38% fructose, 5% sacerose, 32% glucose and the remainder being isomaltose, erlose, rafinose and others. (every 4 gram spoon of honey contains aproximately 1 gram of glucose)

*Provides about 331 cal / 100 gr.

* The vitamins that are present in honey, although in small dose, in contrast to those present in fruits and vegatables, are not lost easily during its storage, they are rather conserved over longer periods of time. Especially the Vitamin A, D, C, K, E and the entire B group.

* Salts and minerals easily asimilate richly into: potassium, iron, phosphorus, calium, copper, magnese

* Very rich in enzimes: amilase, diastase,  catalese, invertase, lipase and peroxidase

*Organic acids: Vinic, Malic, Citric, Oxalic, Lactic, Phosphoric, Acetic, Formic. The also known as ant acid, providing for its antiseptic properties

Did you know...?

In order for honey to conserve all of its nutritients and properties the method of extraction and manipulation is of prime importance. The honey must be extracted through means of pressing or with centrifugal pumps after being heated to a temperature just under 45C in order to be able to proceed with the filtering process requiered to eliminate the impure parts of the product. This way the honey will cristalyze shortly after cooldown, and according to its sugar content this will happen in a way that is more or less irregular, possibily being grainy or as a smooth paste.

Its color will vary from clear ambar to a dark chestnut brown depending on its origin. The darker the honey is, the more minerals and vitamins B and C. For this reason the darker product is best suit for anemic and recovering patients, it will stimulate recovery and lift hemoglobin levels, having been selected as result by athletes, kids and women. The lighter it is, the richer in vitamin A.

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