Erotic Words end with Jealousy

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Erotic Words


Touch me


Touch me, touch me with your white hands and fine fingers.

Look at me with your bright eyes and your frightened and perverted smile,

With your sanity and innocense.

Touch me with your soft and delicate hands that extract

Whispers of base tones that make me moan in your ears

While I carress your beautiful white chest.

Touch me with your hands that make me forget

The "grief" and the bitter of each day.

Touch me with your hands that release in me

The most halucinating orgasms and

make me serpent when you touch me tender.

Touch me until miracles happen

In my body and you must sustain me

Leaving me weak with the touch of your hands

keep your man from cheating on you


“The two of them were a single body. The two of them were naked, but not because of that they were ashamed.”

In order to prevent becoming a victim of jealousy we must cut it from the root even before it starts to appear on the horizon, we must show our partner love, respect and the pasion we have within, showing them a behaviour that is entirely clear and transparant. 

Once the first step has been acomplished and properly integrated we must erotize our partner telling them our most secret sexual and love fantasies, and we must do so without a single blush. This tecnique is called: "Eroticism of the Word" and it it is needless to say that it can only be practiced by those who are in love with their partner.

Do you belief that your partner wants to betray you? Well, if this is frequent fear of yours than you can call him on the telephone and mention that you are waiting for him in a state of extraordinary excitement, ready to give yourself to a plenty of pasion as has never been imagined before.

Let us imagine for a moment the psychological mechanism that is unraffled in the mind of a man whose partner has just described the profound bath that has been taken with as only goal being fully cleansed for his every desire.

Add to this an accurate description of the love-session and offer this to your partner or spouse, announce that you have taken the time to enable the bedroom and activate it with color, music, light or shadows, all this according to his preference.

Take into account all of your partner fantasies, and tell him that tonight, the moment that he gets home, he will have the oportunity to realize every action of his dreams, meaning absolutely everything that he desires. Accompany him while taking a shower, soap him from tip to toe and scrub him down entirely, give him a passionate look and put yourself into his arms.

Repeat this technique for a week and do so with faith: Your partner will be longing for the moment he leaves work, he will be addicted to your erotic calling, and he will leave like a bullet to be on your side.

The pleasures of the sensual body

Every person posesses a sexual florilegium composed of seduction and favorite sexual routines. We have the tendency to repeat that what is familiar to us. For males, of all sexual orientations, the first goal in a relationship is generally to climax, to come, to have an orgasm.

The range of pleasures granted for the senses of the body is unlimited. When it comes to sexual excitement, sight is the most important sense for the male. Furthermore, there is the pleasure of hearing, the taste, the sniffing of scents and the feeling of skin through means of touch. Regardles of what our own sexual practices are, we will never stop living with intensity or stop giving ourselves to the pleasures that these practices provide for.

When practicing sexual relationships one must abandon reality and simply give oneself to the pleasures of the body. Luckily for us this is contagious! Surprise your partner: conduce him to the adventure of pleasure and stimulation of the senses.


We must erotize our partner telling them our most intimate fantasies, and we must do so without a single blush. This tecnique is called: "Eroticism of the Word"


Better Intimacy

In order for a woman to obtain impressive orgasms not only the help from the partner is needed, but also trust, kindness and warmth. In order to strengthen these feelings, take time to show the kindness and concern you have for your partner: Sit down with your back against the wall, put your partner in a position in which his head rests in your lap and give him a warm hug. Feel the love you have for eachother. Feel your hearts beat. Later interchange your positions and repeat this exercise. This can be done with your clothes on or naked, before making love or at any moment of the day or night.

Better Kisses

The lips are very sensitive, and moreover, they are the only part of the body that has more nerves and more sensibility than the clitoris. Try changing your kisses and alter between these five types:

- Allow for his lips to slip between yours as if eating pudding which is sliding off the spoon.

- Bite his lips with your teeth, while pressing with pressing your lips together.

- Suck on his tongue and stimulate the salivary glands located below, so that they will produce very sweet saliva.

Breathing over wet lips, inhaling or exhaling, is extremely sensual and exciting

offer him sugar and whisper in your best seductive voice

Advice for your sexual relationship

Better Morning Sex

The seastar is an excellent position for morning sex, and it will prevent the possibly uncomfortable view and smell of a recently awoken partner. It works like this: the woman lays down mouth up, and the man joins on her side, lounging on the left side of his body. She will lift up her right leg, and he will locate his right leg underneath, over her left leg. His right thigh must remain between her legs. From the waiste up, both may acommodate according to liking, but the bodies cannot be joined in a way that they touch eachother, if kissing is preferred they can be close together. This is an excellent position for when tired, because the seastar is easy to acomplish, and neither of the partners will need to sustain the weight of the other. Furthermore, there can be many small variations.


Obscenity is, more than anything, a question of image. This kind of exhibitionism upsets the game of seduction, because when everything is visible, and when the saturation is so much that it results dificult to distinguish one sign from another, all of it floating around in a kind of hybrid semiotic soup, the space for ilusion is devoured by an indiferenced mass that goes beyond the good and the bad.

In interpretative terms, obscenity is a question of skin. The pure fascination of the perfectly iluminated surfaces, the absense of profoundness of enigmatic properties, absolute presence of the observed object where there is no space for shadows o hidden areas, and the lubricated nakedness without secrets. The ambiguety of the body and sex is substituted for the nakedness, the fascinating radicality of the naked skin.

That which seduces has something needy, it shows and it hides, it folds, it reflects, it covers in distorted shapes, in contrast, the obscene fascinates for its voluptuosity without remainders, for its eradication of any deepness or transcendence.

In the erotic field that which seduces is the vision of a body which is not entirely revealed, its secrets, its absense. In contrast, in the pornographic that which fascinates us is the disappearance of the body in the exageracion of its absolute presence.

Rituals of seduction happen to transmute into rituals of transparency, by that is meant that the game of dark obscure is transformed into a game of the microscopic, a stimulus of visibility that ends the game of desire. This is a measure in which we move forward into the obscene visibility of the real, and the swing of the focus alterating between presence-absense progesively disappears. Standing in contrast with the game of desire, obscenity offers us the more visible of the visible, in other words, the visibility of the neutral, the concrete substance of the naked skin that deletes the erotic in favor of a pornographic seductive-erotic agreement of the real.



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