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Divination through use of candle wax implicates letting the wax of a candle fall drop by drop in a scrying dish with water, in order to provide, according to the forms that accumulate in the liquid, a reading of good or bad omens.

This divination method dates from medieval times, when it occured, in the beginning of the fifteenth century, that a young girl who still single, wanted to know who to invoke in order to find a true and noble love, and so it happened that she lit a thick candle to each saint of her devotion. The candle that consumed first, indicated which saint she had to ask for help, in order for the union to fulfill, and enter into a happy marriage.

To interpret the forms the candle wax has left behind one must observe the shapes that have formed on top of the water. Take into consideration predominant shapes (triangles, squares, circles and lines) and search for a universal meaning. Later one should study each one of the shapes independently until everything has been analyzed.

In cases in which a definition cannot be found, allow for your intuition to suggest what best corresponds to the situation.

Diamond:  The person will always have fortune when it comes to matters of the heart, although relationships will be renewed.

Mayority of Squares:  Most of such shapes indicate a dislike in the affective plane.

Rose: When appearing in the consultation with a man this points out that he will have a younger lover. When the opposite occurs it means that the woman will become the lover of an older man.

Rosary: Various round shapes or grains chained together. Patience is recommended, annoying lovers await you. When at the end of the rosary a triangle is found, it should be understood that the wishes of your heart will finally come true.

House: If this shape appears next to a circle, it means that in the future you will possess one. If the house appears on the side of a semicircle this is a sign that you will live moments of great happiness in the home.

Waves:  Lines in the shape of serpents predict good and bad experiences intercombined. But if the end of the curve is soft and upwards, happiness will be yours.

Circle: If on the inside there are four well marked dots, a son or daughter will be born; male if the circle is well defined, female if it is not.

Bird: Romance and good fortune. Birds are also a symbol of love, care and happiness. If the shape represents a nest of little birds, affection towards your partner will expand until it reaches unexpected limits.

aromatic candle

An aromatic drift candle for use in ceromancy aka candle magick readings

We can easily use candle magic for divination by reading the drippings floating in a scrying dish with water. It is similar to tea leaf readings, smoke readings and other oracles to predict what our future will be like. Setting lights for clients while performing candle-burning spells is an important part of the conjure tradition. The divinatory signs will tell us how the results are going to come out.

Before you continue and embark on reading signs from candles, I need to caution you that the signs made by flames, smoke and wax are not always entirely accurate. If there is a knot shaped in the wick or if the candle burns badly or goes out, you should first check "natural" causes such as a draft in the room which put your candle out. Questions like "Was this a poorly made candle?" should be considered before turning to the supernatural. It is obvious that a candle can go out, and this is not always a bad sign, maybe you "botched" the spell.

Either a person studies divination or he does not. I understand the difficulty experienced when it comes to understanding the physics of candle magic, especially by those who have a scientific background, but interpretation omens has deep roots, and the way you see things says a lot about you. 

candle label "come to me"

This label was found on a traditional hoodoo candle which was poored into a jar with magical ingredients including herbs, minerals and roots.

Before starting the divination process by burning the candle and dropping the wax in the scrying bowl with water, take the lights to your altar in the sanctuary, bless and smudge, and sprinkle a touch of sweet herbs on top of the wick. It is best to use candles made of bee wax.

All that having been expressed, here are some things to watch for when burning candles:


- The candle flame dips, hisses, sizzles or makes other noises
- The candle flame slowly flares, wicks, dips, and flares again, frequently
- The candle goes out before burning up completely
- The candle is tearing and images appear acrost its length
- The candle tips to the left and flames up into a fire hazard
- The candle tips to the right but won't fall entirely
- A free-placed candle melts excesively and runs while burning it
- A candle in a jar lets out smoke and burns slowly but clean at the finish
- The candle wick forms twin lights
- The candle wick glows and "won't go out"


- The candle burns clean, even, and with no symbol or indication
- A vigil candle leaves a wax deposit in which the face of a saint is observed
- A free-placed candle burns down to a pool of wax, leaving an expression that can be recognized as being enigmatic
- A hoodoo candle burn down and leaves a thick wax deposit on the bottom of the glass

couple candle

This red candle is used in divination in order to predict the course of a relationship

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