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Spell to restore harmony and be happy with your partner and family

This spell is quick and efective, it can be realized when peace at home has disappeared due to a contstant fight.

You will need:

- a handful of parsley
- petals of seven white carnation flowers
- five spoons of ammonia
- seven drops of holy water
- seven drops of colone that you use daily

Method of preperation

The parsley and the carnation petals are put in the blender and bit by bit the ammonia is added, as is the holy water and the cologne you are normally wearing. Once everything is in the mixer a thick liquid is obtained.

What we must do with this liquid, is to distribute it in different places of the home. And most important, at the entrance, behind the first door that gives access to our home.

This spell will result efective when following the instructions as indicated, which must be done on a tuesday and everything must be picked up on a friday. Later it can be repeated again, the same way as indicated before.

The required time and duration of this ritual is what a person understands it to be, being it a prudental time frame of which realization can be stopped at any given moment, when one becomes aware that peace has returned both tranquility and harmony to home.

For believers and catholics it is recommended to pray an Our Father, one should do so with lots of faith and meditation, while performing the ritual, asking for blessings of peace and harmony to enter the home. Soon you will experience increased unity and balance.

The Vibration of Shape

Every shape has its vibration, its influences, animates and incites to somthing. A beautiful shape will soften our heart, it will provoke a smile that elevates the spirit, it connects us to our divinity. And it was from these shapes that humanity created archetypes, and the more people looked at them and believed in the force of the symbol, the more power they obtained.


For another part, it is said in written magic, that a vibration is emitted from the structure of letters, and from this the sanskrit mantras are born. It is not what is being said, but rather the sound that provides for force. There are extremely powerful words, that will transform and let go vibrations just by pronouncing them. The word love is considered to be of the highest vibration y clarity. On the other hand, if we pronounce lack of love this will also generate energy, although in dimension causing the precise opposite.

If we more carefully take care of our language, and the words we emit, we will observe how we obtain unexpected things from others, and that is only the product of the vibrations emitted. Nobody responds friendly to ordinary or profane words, but without doubt, a friendly word will open the heart of those who listen.

It is for this reason that pelgrims, when taken into the home of a family to stay for the night, entered by saying: "Peace will be with the habitants of this house". They were dedicating their merits to the generousity and benefits provided by the habitants, and the vibration of the home increased in frequency. It was cleaned of negativity and the harmony was reinstated. This was a method of protection.

The Family, a Karmic Connection

Nothing that happens in life is free and when it comes to family we have a test field that provides us with the means and conditions for our evolutionary work to be realized in the stage in which we find ourselves.

We will often feel unjustly treated by someone of our group, or we will rebel when confronted with the inflexibility of the head of our household, or we must be sumbitted to the senile whimsies of the elderly in our tribe, or sacrifice ourselves before the needs of the weak, and that is hard, especially if we do not have the correct vision of the cause. What we learn in family is basic for our atitude in life.

Remember, not just our DNA is hereditary, we will pass this on to others in a genetic chain, and also karma is in this same way a part of the family chain.

If we were born in this group it is because in the past we have generated causes and conditions that have led us to this experience in this family and not in another. The injustices committed in previous lifes are the ones we receive now, in this group, and although this doesn't mean that we should submit ourselves before certain unbiased acts of this group if we do not consider them to be just or equable, it does point out that the lesson consists of understanding that what we give we will receive before or after, whether this is good or bad.

This is the reason why in many cases family is a source of pain, and of incomprehension in others, but not because of this we should eliminate it from our lives, rather the contrary is true, our work consists in generating love, generosity and comprehension before the weaknesses of others in order to overcome the experience and to be able to reach adult age, our own family syntonizes most with our own shape of being. This is the big gift of belonging to a family, the greatness of being part of such a group is that despite of all its deficiencies a love and a generousity among its members is generated beyond all doubt.

Family Protection

With family ties, that which happens to one will be suffered by others, and that is unchangable, because the vibrations expands like a diapason of a sound. As a result it is important and it has always been recommended to pray in groups. While this might not be possible today because rhythm of life does not allow for such a ritual, we can still create a powerful protection at any time of the day and this will keep us united by enforcing the bond of prayer. If we do this we will find that in many cases small frictions and misunderstandings between spouses will be resolved once the prayer has been recited. The only requirement is a commiment by the entire family with the objective to pray in order to keep the home happy and to benefit a plenty.

We have gotten a hold of a spell for protection for the family that we appreciate for its beauty and which we would like to offer to you so that all those who are interested may experiment its power and put it to practice. If you are interested in more information you may write us, you will find that positive effects will materialize in your surroundings according to the degree in which the spell has been converted in daily habit. I can assure you it works.


Bless this House
May Peace dwell within.
Protect all that enter,
Whether friend or kin.
Bless every door, window, ceiling and wall,
Bless each room, closet, basement, Bless all.
Bless the roof & ground surroundings with your
protective love & light

(author unknown)


All acts of negativity
will now return to thee.

All bad you try to send my way
upon your own self will hold sway

All actions, thoughts and words of spate,
become your own decided fate

By all up high, the worlds and wise
by oceans wide and deep blue skies
by day and night, and powers three
this is my will, so must it be.

Harm to none, nor return on me.

(author unknown)

Protect your Home

When you move into a new home you may find that you need to reassert your will for protection because other people may carry energy attachments with them and such energy may remain in your home after they depart. The reason being is not because the people who lived in the home were bad, but simply because they may have been energetically contaminated and this could affect your family. We we can cast a witchcraft spell to protect our heart and home from intruders, this will work to shield human, spiritual and ghostly influences.

Other protection spells can be cast to protect our couple, to prevent a boyfriend from cheating in the bedroom, or to stop your partner from drinking. Once the protective spell has been cast you can go ahead with other magic spells that will increase your spouse's ability to love, have him chase you, and make you happy by spending more quality time together. It is a fact that love spells really work, but you have to be careful not to be jealous or overly critical. Just flirt with him and show that you care, hug him and hold his hand, you will notice that you do things right by the color of his cheeks and the glitter in his eyes. Sometimes we will need to use erotic words to make him bag you on his knees, to ensure that he stays away from his ex girlfiend and so he comes home directly after work.

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