Spiritual Beings 101: 6 symptoms of contact with Angels

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You will not believe the photos we receive of people who claim to have been in contact with angels.

I will not discuss all details here, but I've seen enough selfies of people that were touched by divine messengers in order to admit that I've been converted into a permanent believer of celestial beings. Sometimes these heavenly beings have also appeared to our friends, lovers or beloved ones. Those who observe higher spiritual beings will notice that such are superior to humans in power and intelligence, and that they frecuently act as guardian spirits or as intermediaries between heaven and earth. It has been observed that angels may provide protecion for our couple, resolve problems with boyfriends or even save a marriage after cheating or crisis.

And seriously, I am very happy for those who have been allowed to experience the wonderful angel radiation in order for them to allow to work through their problems. Lots of people do not get to know them at all (or don't want to), because they do not believe that the spiritual world is real and exists whether you believe in it or not. Another issue can be that talking about angels is perceived as being weird in our culture, given that many people do not believe in supernatural beings with wings and halos.

On the other hand, those of you who did establish contact will admit that angelic messages can provide solutions to all sorts of love-related problems, including but not limited to codependent relationships, affairs and infidelity. More examples include sexual problems such as loss of libido, girlfriend-related stress, long-term cheating, differences in core values and believes, traumatic lover positions as life changing events and the detriment of facebook based relationships, manipulation or over-involvement by mother in laws and more.

Let's be honest about the topic we can learn a lot from angels. When we stop for a moment to look at those that have been affected by a meeting, we can detect revelations, protections, and allegory of circumstances. There are also cases in which struggles have been reported, archangel Michael for example wears a roman military cloak and attacked entities from below on more than one occasion.

angel of love and friendship

A light being is holding an angelic basket filled with red hearts, symbolizing friendship, good luck and happiness.

The Angels have a Message for You

Angels are divine spiritual beings, intelligent, powerful and iluminated by the holy spirit. They are embassadors of the Lord before man, which protect and comunicate his wishes. Which explains the name, meaning carriers of divine messages.

We have all heard of angels, but what do angels say about us and who we are? For one, the existence of angels is one of the strongest indicators that "good" exists in our society, as do people who want to see the best of us. In the divine comedy paradise is surrounded by angels, and according to the kabbalah there are ten archangels, each of those commanding one of the choir of angels. But even so, there are lots of people who don't pay attention to the signs. The truth is this: if you don't pay attention to angels, you may never receive a confirmation of God and His celestial powers.

Being messengers of Source, angels happen to appear at critical moments in our life. They are here to manifest the energy of the creator, providing harmony between religion and science, and they work together to create a shield of protecting energy. Being supernatural messengers they will influence prophets and priests, although they may also appear to the layman. Angels may help by providing us with dream-visions that allow us to cut negative ties and energies, overcoming that which is no longer needed, and undoing dark forces that may conspire against us.

You probably spend lots of time and energy on your wellbeing, and keeping your person sane and positive. But what if you are losing energy and you do not know which direction to follow? What do you do when apparently everything goes wrong and you don't know how to make things better? This is when we should look up and listen to the angels, we should pay attention to the inmaterial voice of God and accept allusions to he various laws of nature. Don't wait any longer, act now!

Not everyone is able to talk with angels, and the wish to comunicate is not just the result of a human tandrum, but rather the result of subtil messages from above. The sound of angels can be recognized by harmonious chanting, heavenly music or a sense of peace. It is possible to hear an angel's voice by means of telepathic connection, if this is your case it is discouraged to assign a name, except when it concerns a message from Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.

christmas angels

A seraphim couple making music, promoting love, compatibility and consonance.

Do you see, understand the visions?

There are ways to open yourself to the presence of angels, and it is recommended to do so in order connect with the higher energies of the universe. The most effective method for connection is through means of faith. Second, prayer with a focus on beauty and love. While your focus increases, so will they and you will eventually be able to feel their presence. You will notice an improvement in mood, and there will be increased mental and physical stability in life.

Not only that, studies suggest that there is a direct link between angels and visionaries. You analyze the angel's message the way you would analyze a dream. If you suffer from anxiety, lack of love, sadness or a broken heart, you can ask the angels for help and they will stand by your side and provide for relief.


- DON'T ALLOW FEAR TO ATTACK YOU. Almost everybody is affraid of something, whether caused by doubt or anxiety, this could destroy your psychic capacities. Examen yourself and discover your fears before you try to communicate with angels. If you have a vision or a thought that appears to answer your questions, instead of discarting the posibility of a divine source, meditate on its deeper meaning.

- PRACTICE MEDITATION AND VISUALIZATION angels will present themselves while your mind is at ease. Do remain alert by opening yourself to the syncronization of chance and random occurences. Visualization is a positive instrument for contacting angels. Casualty and written messages that appear to answer your questions will repeat itself and draw your attention.

- LEARN METHODS OF PSYCHIC PROTECTION while at the same time cultivating extrasensorial perception which will provide a layer of protection and prevent you from picking up negative energy. Be aware of your emotions, if during communication with an angel a feeling of wellbeing occurs, you can move forward and trust for the conection to be real.

- USE DIVINATION METHODS, like angel cart games and other oracles, this will help attract angelic energy and messages that will provide for guidance.

- RECOGNIZE AN ANGELELIC VOICE and don't doubt your inner abilities allowing you to receive a message from above. Your soul is a divine spark that is made of the same esence as angels, and it is intended to vibrate at the same frequency.

How can I understand what is being said?

There are ways to amplify the voices of angels, and it is recommended to employ such techniques, which should not be hard to do  if you are attracted to love and harmony, or if you wish to heal a broken heart. Keep in mind that it is not necesary to believe in angels in order to receive a message from one. Once you clearly receive a vision, there will be a strong bonding that will change your life.

What this means:

Communication is improving, keep focusing your energy on the positive and be optimistic about your future.

How do you know you have been visited?

1. You experience consonance and music sometimes accompanied by a sense of physical wellbeing

After a visit it is is possible that you wish to share your experience, but not everyone is going to believe in angels, so do not insist.

What does this mean?

Light beings from the celestial spheres cannot always be observed or understood by those who are tuned in to a lower frequency. Be patient.

2. You will start feeling clearly, it may start with a single feeling or there may be more complex sentiments that uncover and provides for lots of information simultaniously.

What does this mean?

If you receive information through means of an emotional state or reaction, than it is possible to experience warmth, fondness and affection. Feelings shared by angels will help you understand the big picture.

3. You will start knowing clearly

What does this mean?

For many people, angels offer guidance, and inner knowing is a way to provide us with reassurance. You will start knowing things without apparent reason. Connecting with your angel will mean that you will "just know things" because you'll receive guidance from above.

4. You will start hearing clearly

Clairaudience is a common symptom of being visited by an angel. You may also experience the sound of music or feelings on the eardrums as if being touched by a divine spirit.

What does it mean?

Angels are not infallible even though they are usually right. If you have receibed a message do not try to discuss the solution while your boyfriend is talking. You should listen to his perspective and attempt to understand it before you try to correct the situation by involving angelic data.

5. Confusion will clear up

What does it mean?

You should state the positives about what you have experienced. End the sesion by saying "Thank you Angel".

6. Dreams and Meditation will clear up

What does that mean?

Receiving clear telepathic messages are all channeled through your substle psychic senses. You could feel the presence of angels, seeing imagery, or experience love and presence around you, possibly within a dream or meditation.

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